September/October Book Haul

September/October Book Haul

I think I have a problem: I can’t stop buying books! My tastes have changed pretty drastically over the last few months, so I’ve been discovering lots of new books and therefore can’t resist buying them all. I suppose there are worse problems to have!

Those are all the books that I picked up in September/October. It’s plenty to keep me going for quite a while. Lately, I’m really in the mood to read ‘easy’ books, so I’m gravitating mostly towards middle-grade & romance stories at the moment. It’s a welcome distraction from all the studying I’m doing since I’ve started my Associate Degree in Business Administration.

I do realise that buying 31 books in 2 months is quite extensive and possibly a bit too much. Therefore, I have put myself on a book buying ban for the next few months and not buy anything until my London trip in March 2020 (apart from a few pre-ordered books already coming).

I’m really happy with what I managed to pick up though and also all the bookshops (online & offline) I managed to support!

What books did you get in September & October? Are there any on my list that you think I should read immediately?