Announcement: Blogmas 2019!

Announcement: Blogmas 2019!

I have been thinking of something fun to do on my blog during December and the Holiday season, but I didn’t have a clue what that ‘something’ should be. For years, I have been watching YouTubers doing Vlogmas, but since I don’t do YouTube (maybe someday, I will find the courage actually to do it), I had to think of something else. After watching Hailey, from the YouTube channel Haily In Bookland, announcing her Bookmas 2019, I knew I wanted to recreate some of her videos in a blog post. 

I will be posting 16 posts in December, one post every other day up until the 31st of December. I already had a few posts planned for the month, but I will also be creating a few blog posts based on the video ideas Hailey announced in this video.

Blogmas 2019 ‘Schedule’
  • Day 1 – November Wrap Up & Favourite Book of the Month
  • Day 3 – December TBR
  • Day 5 – Top 10 of 2019
  • Day 7 – Changes in My Reading Life
  • Day 9 – Books I’ve DNF’d in 2019
  • Day 11 – Review: Stalking Jack the Ripper
  • Day 13 – Prettiest Book Covers
  • Day 15 – Most Anticipated Books of 2020!
  • Day 17 – Baking Mince Pies
  • Day 19 – Review: Song for a Whale
  • Day 21 – November/December Book Haul
  • Day 23 – 2020 Readathons
  • Day 25 – Merry Christmas
  • Day 27 – 2019 Reading Wrap Up
  • Day 29 – What I Got for Christmas
  • Day 31 – 2019 End of the Year Survey

I hope you’ll enjoy December and the Holiday season as much as I do. I am excited for the month to come, and already can’t wait for the blog posts to be released every other day!