Blogmas Day 2: December TBR

Blogmas Day 2: December TBR

There is only one month left of 2019. How did we get here? Hasn’t this year gone so incredibly quick but also dragging by day by day. 

So, I would start this month by rounding up the books I want to read this December! For next year, I want to be more organised and do this every month (fingers crossed) including an end-of-month wrap-up. Now, I am someone who can struggle with following a TBR so that I will not hold myself strictly to the list of books, but I will try to look at it as a starting point and a fall-back list for when I am out of inspiration.  

This December, I already do not have high hopes for reading all the books that I want to. As some may know, I went back to Uni, next to my full-time job, so I am busy already. I will try to relax and read when I can. I legitimately cannot wait for this year to be over!

First and foremost, I will be participating in The Bookie Trials: Winter Quest Readathon. This is a one-week long readathon hosted by Rachel-Marie. This is a continuation of The Book Junkie Trials she hosted in July this year for the first time. This time around we have to #SaveOurDaemons. I will be reading Vicious by V.E. Schwab for this. This book will actually fit all eleven prompts of the readathon.

I will be participating in the Winter Magical Readathon hosted by G (click).

Participating in the Winter Magical Readathon can result in me having to read somewhere between 5 to 12 books in December (+ a tiny bit in January). Usually, I do not have any issues with reading this amount of books, but for the first nine days of the month, my reading will entirely consist of studying for my exam. I just wholeheartedly hope that my first scenario will give me only one prompt to read, and I might be able to do that during my commute to the office.

Seeing as it is the Holiday season, I do want to read a few holiday-themed books this month. A little while ago, I received the newest Sophie Kinsella book Christmas Shopaholic, and I am pretty pumped to start this one. I’ll see if I can squeeze this one into one of the prompts. 

As you can hopefully understand from the above, I won’t really be able to set a fixed TBR for this month, as I don’t have a clue which prompts I will be getting in this readathon.

Will you join me and the rest of G’s army on this quest to save Ginny?