Starting February 1st, Between the Pages is going to be active again! Kathryn, Marloes, and myself (Kendra) have been hard at work in the past couple of months, to help make this book club fun and successful for all of you!  Especially trying to make it less stressful and more organized.  

We will be reading one book every two months, which will total of six books per year.  We will do a live show over on YouTube for each book at the end of a two-month cycle. These live shows will be rotated between each of our channels and a link to the live show will be announced on our twitter page prior to the date.

We will be announcing our February book this weekend! Our live discussion of the book will be at the end of March (date to be announced).  That gives everyone a little over two months to get their hands on the book and read it before the live show.  Also,  it helps account for busy schedules, library holds, and such.  December’s book will probably work a little differently because we are getting a late start this year.  We do have some fun ideas in mind for our December read and details will be posted closer to that time. 

We have decided that to choose our book we will be adding in all of the books on a compiled list into a random generator and have that pick our book every other month.  The list was first created when we started the book club. We have also removed some and added new ones.  From time to time we will probably ask for recommendations to keep the list up to date with books that most of us have not read. We have tried to create a list of some backlist books as well as exciting new releases. 

A newly added component of Between the Pages will be READATHONS! There will be some 24-hour and week-long readathons sprinkled throughout the year.  Details about them will be posted as each readathon is announced.  

Like I mentioned earlier, our first book for 2020 will be announced this upcoming weekend on Saturday, January 11th. I hope you all are as excited as the three of us are for this new beginning with Between the Pages and some exciting new content coming your way.

Love, Kendra